The start….of what?

Here I am and I am wondering all sorts of things.  I guess I should jump right in – what is most of this stuff that surrounds this post layout anyway?  I am going to play around with this blog and get it up and running and then boy will it start to be GOOD!  Chuckle, snort, hiccup!  Goal number 1: to post everyday for one year.  This blog is meant to get me thinking and processing technology and what it might do to help enhance my classroom and make things …easier?

We will see…..until tomorrow – good night!


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August 25, 2011 · 1:20 AM

One response to “The start….of what?

  1. I have found a blog-type site to be invaluable in my teaching. You can check out what I have going if you like:

    On these websites, I can post homework assignments, I can provide spreadsheets from my computer to help kids study. I post the notes from my smartboard so kids who are absent can keep up with class. I can provide extra credit problems, review guides, and detailed rubrics and guidelines for long-term projects.

    How onerous is it? Not so much. Each website took me about 10 minutes to set up. I spend about 5 minutes a day updating it. I send an email to the site with attachments I want to post, and it goes right up.

    Also, all of the kids are contributors to the site. So, they can post and respond to each other, which helps them help each other when they get stuck.

    I now only ever make photocopies for tests. It’s pretty awesome.

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