Ideal vs. Reality

Today is the second day of this year of blogging and I am in my third day of collaboration with colleagues on how to teach “differently”. What I believe is the best way to teach is said best in the TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson so here it is. But how do we do this within the constraints of the world we live in?  How do we convince the parents who essentially want to get their kids the best education so they can be successful beyond high school?  We all have our opinions.  What is yours?  Others in the group say it takes time!  I am the type that wants results quickly.  I am a doer and shaker and believe in what this guy says.  I need to be more patient and take deep breaths as I move forward.  Enjoy the video!



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2 responses to “Ideal vs. Reality

  1. Lisa Libby

    I love this Cathy! Thanks for sharing. I especially love the way he ends it…..we need to tread softly. Nice thought as we begin the year. 🙂

  2. He was inspiring. I loved the cartoon at the end, too!

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