Tweet tweet tweet!

Yes is it true, I have a twitter account!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh . . . so who do you think I should follow.  Mind you this blog is all about technology but that doesn’t mean we can’t have your secret (or not so secret) follows – Bieber? Jennifer Aniston and her new pregnancy?  Who knows?  I really want to find people in secondary education who are talking and suggesting and having some fun.  I would love some suggestions!  I have gone in and started the follow process but am treading lightly.  I am also public on Twitter.  We will see how that goes.  Why not right?  So if by chance you are on Twitter and also happen to read this post – go ahead and follow me by clicking on My Twitter .  Not sure where I will lead you but it might be fun.  Maybe Bieber will be there too.


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  1. sedderss

    Check out my twitter – I mainly follow people, so look at my follow list! I’m @sedders.

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