Late night energy

Just saw “The Help”.  Read the book too and was not disappointed with either.  Not much on the tech side of things today.  As many east coasters I am hunkering down to wait out the storm that is arriving tomorrow.  It does get me thinking about how reliant we have become on technology in the form of computers.  I bought my son a puzzle and called it the Hurricane Irene puzzle.  What is it about the screen that we are so enthralled with?  Funny thing is now we are trying to make the flat screen look three dimensional.  Why not shut it off and talk with some one who is three dimensional.  There is the WOW factor but as an educator I am only good if what I get going in my classroom ignites a fire under my students to want to learn, to want to know how to learn, and to want to go and share their knowledge to make this a better place.  Hmmmmm . . . .


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