Google sites, wikis, blogs – OH MY!

Does anyone else out there feel overwhelmed simply by the sheer volume of stuff on the internet?  I just finished reading  A New Culture of LearningDouglas Thomas and John Seely Brown and amongst other things it puts an emphasis on using the New Culture as a place to come in and out of collectives and jump on interests that others share.  Working through problems by failing and trying again.  Great – all for it!  I am not new to failing HOWEVER I am new to getting to know something really well and then chucking it out.  For example, Geometer Sketchpad.  I am pretty good at it, I can use it in the classroom fairly well and get good results.  The students like it and have fun with it AND seem to find it useful as another way to visualize the geometry they are studying.  I also have loads of material that goes with it.  But now what about all the other bazillion Geometry sites out there that are free, interactive etc.  Another example is how to communicate and pass along information to students.  Paper, email, text, blogs, sites Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . . .  A good friend and fellow teacher just showed me  Anyone else use it?  He claims it is easy to set up (10 mins) and he posts for 5 minutes each day.  Where do I sign up?  (Oh yah –  But school has google sites that I could use too and then all my students have accounts but not very easy to set up.  And then there is the Wiki that does it all too!  I have friends who swear by them and would rather do that then do the google site or the blog.  I want to do it all and usually end up doing nothing.


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