Burning the midnight oil…..

So now I am feeling a bit foolish. Everyday? What was I crazy? Doing this until next August everyday seems a bit daunting but so is teaching teenagers and I do it and actually LOVE it. What is it about reliving some of the hardest years in my life that gets me up in the morning? We had a great discussion today about really going for it this year and trying to take advantage of this opportunity to have a Technology Cohort to really get us implementing some technology in the classroom. I hope beyond hope it takes hold. Would that mean working Saturdays?  With this group it would be super fun! So I guess I am in this for the long haul. August or BUST baby – August or BUST!!!



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4 responses to “Burning the midnight oil…..

  1. Julie Criscitiello Wise

    So I am guessing that you have signed on to writing/doing something everyday with some kind of group until next August ??? Posted on facebook as well? This should be interesting. I’d love to learn more about

    • Hi Julie Yes I have and it is going to be interesting. Love to have you follow me and give input. I am working with an iPad2 in my classroom and working on implementing some of the ideas from The Culture of Learning Book that we read over the summer. Hope that you are well and please stay in touch! 🙂

  2. C. Coleman

    You can do it Callam! I’ve been collecting tons of web-based math resources in the last year. Let me know what you need, and I bet I can find something good. Also, I’m putting together a list of people you should be “following” for this endeavor. I’ll have it to you soon. Put together a blogroll, and let others do the work for you. Good luck and best wishes.


    • Thank you thank you thank you (what is a blogroll???) thank you! I love the back and forth so please keep reading! Good luck with your school and I am look forward to hearing back from you! :)Kisses to your girls and see you for the wedding! :)CC

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