Blogrolls? Blogging Etiquette?

A good friend of mine and fellow teacher posted on TECHFORAYEAR blog and mentioned “blogroll” as a way to “let others do the work for me”. So I said to myself (and him in my reply), “What is a blogroll?” So given this is a blog on using technology I searched it – here is the site I read:

(maybe I should blogroll that site – or that might be the wrong term because it is not a blog?)

Anyway – now I have a goal – to do some blogrolling. Sounds like cow tipping or log-rolling and I do know what those are. Best part is there is etiquette to this addition to my site. If I blogroll then I get to be blogrolled. Sweet! (those of you who know me can actually hear the tone I am using when saying this.) I am actually pretty excited to tap into other sites and get them connected to mine. More traffic I am told and then something about a rating and higher priority on searches.  I will be at a 1000 hits in no time with this blog-a-rollin thang!  Not sure the etiquette part of reciprocating and blogrolling TECHFORAYEAR will play out but who knows? I did not even think that I would make it this far with this post everyday thingy.

(Blog) Rolling on…….


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