What the heck just happened????

Well – since my post yesterday I have been researching blogrolling.  Okay so when others say “researching” and when I say it is a totally different thing – or at least I think it is.  See I now work full-time, and then come home to my other full-time job – a 4 year-old.  Once, he, his dad, the cute yellow lab, the bunny and the 9 chickens are all tucked away in other parts of the house – that is when I get to do my “research”, which consisted of searching “How to blogroll” and then reading a page on how which then led me to fumble around and “reblog” some artsy blog which I did not even read.  So I apologize for any inappropriate material.  Don’t “reblog” and “blogroll” sound similar?  Anyway – I was going to delete that post, but then I saw the opportunity to have this be what my post is about.  “Oops, that did not work now let’s see if I can click on anther icon and see what happens.”  (Insert witty comment here.)  I will get this blogroll a-rolling alright.  I am just going to have to hit and miss a few times before I get it.  Something we wish all of our students would be comfortable doing.  At what age, or at what point in parenting does this ability to roll with the punches get unlearned.  Probably part personality and part inherent.  Love some thoughts on this and also some hints as to how to blogroll.  I know your reading this so please?



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4 responses to “What the heck just happened????

  1. Taffy

    I so like this bloggeroll (cousin of doggeroll but not of blogroll, I think, but who knows?!) – and you!

  2. Chris C

    Here’s one to add to you blogroll:
    He’s very well known, and also a high school teacher in Maine. It’s not all math, but it’s all free web-based resources for teachers. Subscribe to his blog, and you’re good to go.

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