We are live people!

So it has begun. They showed up today and filled the seats of my classroom. They laughed (maybe cried a bit) and humored me as I introduced the old with the new. The old being the math that we will study – sad to think that it is old. And the new – this technology thing and how we think about the math.  What it is all about and how they will be just as a part of it as I will – if not more. The interactions and trials, the fun and wow with the oops – that went wrong. It is all about them. The students that fill my classroom and ask why? Why do we need this? Any of it? I have lots of answers. Math is actually filled with them. That is why you either love or hate it. But I am not sure I have any of the answers these bright young minds are looking for. But maybe just maybe with what we are trying to do here I can help them find their own answer. By the way – welcome aboard students – I hope it’s a great ride!


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