One step…

It is the start of week two with this “tech” thing.  I have to keep reminding myself that really I am not a novice at this tech thing.  When I taught at a private school right outside of NYC I worked with a smart board and the school had distributed laptops to the entire upper school.  We battled low batteries, lost laptops, etc.  This was in 1998.  I taught my entire Geometry class with the laptop and the smart board.  So what is the difference?  The access to the technology is different, the way it is infused into the students everyday is different.  The apps, the internet access, the types of tools that are at our finger tips, all different.  Today I had a colleague ask her class to take out their cell phone if they had unlimited texting so that she could do a poll on polleverywhere.  All but one student had this option so she only needed one laptop.  WOW.  I have been using my iPad like I have had it for five years.  All of my information is on it.  No longer wedded to my computer I can access my professional information in multiple ways and from anywhere.  Pretty cool.  My blogs for my classes are up and running and I have found it rather easy and fun to post everyday.  I guess I try to not worry about how much and how grand.  One step at a time.



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2 responses to “One step…

  1. Janice Ribeiro

    Great post, Cathy. I agree… was so much simpler to use technology back in the 90s-technology evolved more slowly…heck,everything did!
    I did some work with students today, and two students pulled out ipad IIs…they could do everything we did (no flash on…it was awesome! Can’t wait to try out ipads for all in class 😉

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