Flip this!

A colleague and I are playing around with the idea of flip classroom. This is when the student watches the lesson at home and then works on assignments and projects in class. So the teacher becomes more involved with the hands on learning and the passive lessons are left for home. Here is an article that talks about how two teachers made this flip classroom idea work for them. Click here.  The time thing is my problem and becoming fluent at creating these lessons.  I am not sure using other people’s videos is the best idea but that is where we will start.  This is driven by my colleague (and friend) so I am lucky to be collaborating with her.  I will post again to tell you how it went.  We are attempting this with a Real Number video and an Absolute Value video.

More to come.



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4 responses to “Flip this!

  1. Janice Ribeiro

    Good luck…curious to know how this goes!

  2. Flip is a nice way to go. And don’t be afraid to use other people’s videos – if they are good – it might be good for the kids to get to hear different voices and takes the pressure off of the two of you to produce everything. (borderline impossible!). And I love your posterous sites – great idea.

  3. Lisa Kramer

    Still figuring out the whole flipped thing, but here’s a funny story…

    A curious parent loaded the videos on his iPhone last night as I was showing my website and talking about the concept of a flipped classroom. It took a while for them to load, and when they finally did he had moved on to the science class presentation and caused a bit of a disruption. HA!

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