Welcome Parents!

So tonight I am going to introduce my last audience to my blog.  Not sure the first – friends and family, nor the second – students, cared all that much.  Sure they appreciate it and yes they all were very complementary and supportive.  But the test really comes (does there have to be a test?) when the very people who entrust me with their children start to read.  The point of the blog is to delve into this technology head on.  To see what it feels like to be out there and public for anyone to see.  I am enjoying it so far but what I know will also be up on this blog are my mistakes.  Things that worked great!  And stuff that flopped hard.  I might also spell words incorrectly, use poor grammar, and out myself in a number of ways that I can’t even imagine right now.  What I also know about this group of parents is they are excited too.  About their child’s education, their future and what the school they send their child to so great – the relationships.  I am good at connecting in person.  I try to use humor, compassion and love to bridge gaps between people.  Now I just have to see how that works online.  I am up for it!



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2 responses to “Welcome Parents!

  1. Your blog is great…have no worries.

  2. How did it go? Any enthusiasm? I hope so, I know I get energized about your work when I talk to you – that must be so when you talk with the kids and their parents!

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