Is it the weekend yet?

I wanted to blog about the idea of having my students contribute to the classroom blogs.  A friend suggested it and in doing so made me think a lot about the use of a blog in a class and what it is for.  Would this add to the work for students?  Would it be helpful so they can process through what we did in class?  How about having them take turns posting the review of the day and then other students can check and comment if there is something that doesn’t quite sit right for them.  Not sure how this might work.  I am really sensitive to making this tech thing more work, making class focus bedifferent than the material we have to get to, and disengaging the students as oppose to engaging them like I want to.  Change is slow (right?), but what I find particularly at odds is nowadays change is rather quick and we are slow to catch up.  I will ponder this idea more with the student/blog thing, but would love to hear what you think about it.  I am on the fence.



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2 responses to “Is it the weekend yet?

  1. I love the idea of the kids contributing to your blogs. What a great way to have them digest, reflect, and process what you did in class – good for them, good for the other students, and good for you. It will be a good way for you to see if the kids are really “hearing” what you are saying. You don’t have to believe me – check out this post from @dkuropatwa –
    He was the first one that I saw who used this method in his math classes and that was in 2005. Now, when you do a search on “scribe posts”, you get many, many hits.

  2. Pete Stein

    As long as it wouldn’t be too time consuming, I think we could do it. The key thing is that it would have to manageable. It would be an excellent way to help study for tests, for example.

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