Long time since I …..

….blogged.  I have been bad and not inspired.  I am weighted down by the everyday and feel like I can just get by.  Uhgg….. I hate this feeling.  I want to be inventive, exciting and a miracle worker.  But all I am is a teacher.  Or by definition isn’t that what a teacher is?  inventive, exciting and a miracle worker?  I feel like sometimes it is a big smoke screen but in actuality it is not.  My teaching and my teaching with technology should be one in the same.  I do try to work out the best way to approach a topic that will help my students interact with it in a way that is useful to them.  More and more this does involve technology.  Remembering that all of it is technology – the pencil, the white board even the topic – Math – was all at one time new and exhilarating – brand new.  So what is it about today and “technology” that we have to grab on to.  In the book we read over the summer it is less about the technology and more about the seamless approach people are taking when involved with online communities.  How can I make my classroom emulate this type of approach.  I want my students to step away from the traditional of me telling them and get them to be more about what interests them.  That leaves me with the easy task of making the math interesting and worth figuring out.  The old saying – “When is this going to be useful in everyday life for me?”  I have heard that more than I can count (infinite?), but where does the beauty and the passion come in?  Is there any beauty and passion in math?  I have it – do you?  I guess technology could be the bridge that could help some grab onto the pure math I love so much but for lots (and I mean most) it is a subject to get through so they can move on to……. what?  Anyway – it is Saturday morning and I want coffee.  More thinking, more figuring but also more remembering how much I truly love this job!


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