Blocked out

So what do you do when you have it all set, the lights are low and the players are set.  Then BAM – your site is blocked and folks over in tech are talking with SF, but really are on hold with SF and no end in sight?  Okay so this is OVER exaggerated and I am pouting and as soon as I get home I can Facebook all I want, but really -technology is dependent on the other guy, the site working, the typos typed out and the system being a go – for me – whenever I want it! Right?!?!?  The biggie was losing all my grades but what about the everyday – when the lights go out!  Thankfully – my grade thingy figured itself out nicely and this block thing will be gone before it came – a quick blip in my daily tech work. Who is to say that it won’t all go away for good.  Dooms day or not we do tend to use use use use use until it is all gone.  When that moment comes, I will light my fire, pitch my tent, and watch the stars twinkle in peace.  (I hope!)


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