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My Precalculus class is partaking in an activity that is for right now temporary and under consideration.  Each student is responsible for scribing about two days.  They can say what class was about, add videos, describe an aha momentary etc.  They are getting graded for participating and then more then make of their post the better their grade can be.  So far I have been very impressed with the way the students are taking on this endeavor.  But how does this become worthwhile?  How do I get us all invested in this website/blog.  I have a website for each of me three upper school classes and the only one that seems to get much attention is the PCA one because of the blogging.  But I am not sure I have the energy to take on all three classes doing this activity.  Is there a way to get this activity to be more student driven?  Guess I will keeping thinking.  Anyone out there have some ideas.  Here is the link to the blog:


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